Monday, April 14, 2008

Malini Mehra

One of the most clearest voices on the international scene who is voicing the need for mutual responsibility and action is Malini Mehra, founder and chief executive of the Centre for Social Markets ( She writes that: “Climate change presents a clear and present danger to India and the world. But it also offers opportunities. We must seize the moment and re-frame the climate debate in India not as an agenda of despair, but as an agenda of hope and opportunity. India is a great nation with tremendous resources and talent. We need to deploy this - and our extended resource of 30 million Indians in the Diaspora – to make the right investments today such that our economic development path is truly sustainable and equitable. All our work across the country has shown that the people are ready for this. Our leaders now need to follow. Sustainability needs to become the central paradigm of our modernisation strategy. Anything less will not only be a disservice to today’s poor but to future generations.”

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