Monday, February 2, 2009

Attitudes in China

Here is an interesting and somewhat hopeful (edited) report about climate attitudes in China - in a report by Li Jing of China Daily published lat last year. I am of two minds about this and previous such survey results ... they seem too good to be true, especially when compared to attitudes in more developed countries. Could it be, that the respondents are not as spoiled as those in Developing countries and have less in hand to loose or give up? Or could it be that the sample is urban and educated and not really representative of the whole population?

A recent survey released by the Climate Group, a British-based not-for- profit environmental organization, and Beijing Consumers Association, shows that up to 69 percent of Chinese consumers are willing to change their lifestyles in order to help with global efforts to combat climate change.
The survey, conducted by TNS, a market research company, and Lippincott, a consulting firm on branding strategy, interviewed about 1,000 consumers in 14 major Chinese cities, including Beijing and Shanghai.
About 99 percent of consumers interviewed said they are aware of the threat the world is facing as a result of the global warming.
"With the rapid development of China's economy and improvement of people's living standards, Chinese consumers have become more concerned about their behaviors' impact on the environment," says Zhang Ming, general secretary of Beijing Consumers Association.
About 50 percent of the consumers interviewed said they are willing to spend more time in the efforts to fight the global warming, and 29 percent say they would like to pay more.
Among all the measurements, energy saving is one of the key solutions consumers could think of, the survey shows.
Consumers say they would like to do as much as they can to save energy through changing their commuting methods, for instance, avoiding using private cars and relying more on public transportation.
Changing habits in using household electricity and heating to save more energy are also feasible choices for them to address the global warming issue.

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