Monday, March 9, 2009

My Lead Foot

I drive with a lead foot – I waste gas accelerating too fast from a stop and I also break too hard as well. Reform of driving habits is perhaps the easiest and most effective to improve auto efficiency and reduce CO2 output in this sector. I have tried to unlearn my habits to drive like a little old lady (or geezer). But old habits die hard. Some modern planes are design to over-ride pilot action when the computer deems those actions dangerous. Why not design a car that does something like that? Program the car to drive as if I were an old geezer and just ignore my lead feet. Suppose a car came with a number of different “performance” profiles. Just make the default the most fuel efficient and most people will choose that one by default. But what if I need performance – in an emergency? One could build in overrides that take advantage of our reflexive actions under duress – like squeezing the steering wheel.

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Anonymous said...

If this were viable, wouldn't we have governors for some universal speed cap already? Say, 85 mph?