Monday, June 1, 2009

The Core Narrative of Climate Change

Debates about climate change are governed and shaped by a core narrative that has two key elements: 1. We (or depending on your perspective, They, the Developed World) caused the problem. 2. They (or, We, the Developing World) are going to be the one's to suffer. Over the next few months I am going to be writing about this narrative and its flaws - for it is only correct in a very narrow and misleading sense. Who did what, I am going to argue, is much more complex and, to some extent, beside the point. Who is going to suffer, also makes for a much more complex story but here the details are far from being beside the point - they are going to be central. Central to an argument that relying on this core narrative is not going to get us where we want to be as far as limiting greenhouse gas output.

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Michael McTernan said...

A very interesting argument you pose Martin. I will definitely keep updated on your posts. Likewise we have just published a new publication on building a low-carbon future which has a chapter on "How can the response to climate change be socially just?"

Hope it might be of interest